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- Sag sie uns.

This is from one of the translations. I translated this as "She says to us", the best answer is "tell us". I would think the sie here means she, and uns can mean "to us" in dative form, and sag can mean say. Why is my answer so different from everyone else's?

September 4, 2012

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I had a little trouble getting that too. My resident native speaker says it breaks down to be "Tell it to us". "sie" here refers to a feminine "it", like... "Was ist die Antwort? Sag sie uns!" Antwort is feminine, so the "sie" is a reference back to that. Your translation, "She says to us", would be "Sie sagt uns". Anytime the verb comes first and is in imperative form, it's an order for someone to do something.

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