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If you're not using this Memrise course along with your tree, you do yourself a great disservice!


I keep on seeing people complain about the Words Tab. The words tab does not pale in comparison to this Memrise course. It's exactly mirrors your tree. Each skill is within the course.

After you finish a skill on a Duolingo, go to Memrise the following day and complete the lesson there. On Memrise, you aren't doing complex sentences, or sentences at all, like on Duolingo. Memrise is more of a hybrid of multiple choice and flash cards. It will drill vocabulary into your head, GENDERS INCLUDES. After you finish the skill on Memrise (which is way, way faster than on Duolingo), it will test you (called "watering" on memrise) 3-4 hours later. When you get things right it will wait a day to test you again, then 4 days, then 9 days, then 3 weeks, 2 months, 100 days, or something of that nature. It's super easy to do AS LONG AS YOU KEEP UP WITH THE WATERING. Forget to water for a few days and you will have 300 words to do, which is still easy because you will already know most of them and burn right through it.

Also, you don't have to start from the beginning. I started at People because that's when I began to have a really hard time remembering everything I was learning. Start where you feel you need to. You can always ignore a word (there is an easy option when it reveals a new word) if you're already very confident in your knowledge of it. After a while you're going to find that you remember most everything you learn on Duolingo, and it's an amazing feeling.

I'm 99 days in, and 21 days from finishing my tree. There is no way I could have done it without the help of Memrise!

September 12, 2014



Good recommendation! I'm using Memrise, too; it's just that I haven't tried any Euro language course there as I use it to practice East Asian Languages. I'll heed you advice, though. Thank you!


Thanks for the tip - I'll give that deck a try :0) I joined Memrise yesterday having heard so much about it here at Duolingo and I am so far enjoying it a lot. Especially the emphasis on gender - I keep forgetting the gender of the German nouns and fail due to that. The variation is great too - the fact that the site and exercises are different that the ones at Duolingo...


Luckily once you get the hang of it, Gender becomes one of easiest parts of memorization, at least for me. And gender is just so go damn essential when you start moving through the cases & declension. It's imperative to know genders. Hope you enjoy it and get some good stuff out of it!


I love Memrise - I'm doing German, Spanish, and the Russian alphabet over there. I actually dropped German here because I'm getting so much more from Memrise German.


I am doing a thousand percent better using both my Duolingo course and Memrise in tandem. Memrise helps me learn the words, Duolingo helps me use them. At Memrise, I created Memes for all the nouns and made sure the pictures showed the gender with the object (a woman with an orange, a man with a spoon, a bed without a person at all, etc). It's time consuming, but the more time I spend picking the right picture, the better I've been at remembering it. It's been sorta of shocking how much better I am doing here since I started using both. Now, if only I could get the damn articles and whatnot correct, I'd be on my way...


Thanks for the recommendation!


To the ones with a paid account: Is Memrise worth paying for? How good are the extra functions that cost money and how much do you use them?


I decided I would try the paid upgrade to see if it was worth it for me, and it is. It helps me see where I need to focus my learning - it shows what I'm having real trouble with and offers review in those areas. It breaks down what I'm doing, where I'm doing well, where I'm having trouble, and helps me work on the problem areas. The courses are free, of course, but the additional information and help I get with the learning process make it worth the $9.00 a month for me. I will, as soon as I can, pay the annual amount, as it's SO much cheaper than paying month-to-month. You can try the upgrade with NO risk.


Thanks! Really nice to know :0)


True I use Memrise as a supplement and I'm learning Cornish, Hausa and Scottish there.


Cool site! Definitely combining both together, this will help a lot! Thanks!


I started using it recently and it really leaves you no choice but to remember each word to the point where you can recite it in your sleep, helped my vocabulary tremendously. By the way, 100 day streak! congrats!


Thanks for your tip. I found Arabic language there. Thanks a lot. :)


Duolingo + Memrize + Bliu Bliu + ReadLang = winner.


Thanks a lot for the link! I wasn't big fan of Memrise, but I got used to it. It is great for complementory learning of anything you like, it just doesn't suit learning something from total beginner level. I did my tree in German, but I still have feeling that a lot of words escape me, especially genders.


Awesome Website! Definitely useful to learn some tricky words in German.


Thanks a lot for the advice! I definitely have troubles when it comes to remembering too many different words and Memrise seems to be the perfect solution :)) I also get confused when it comes to gender but will see how Memrise works for me.


Thank you for this, I am checking it out now!


Awesome!!!!! Love it! Thanks!!! :D


wow, totally helpful. Danke schön!


Thank you very much for the recommendation, Memrise seems very good! Though I'm glad I'm not a total beginner. I'm going through the Basic German lessons and it went from teaching the word for "red" to teaching past tense sentences!


Why can I not use my duolingo account to connect to memrise?


Memrise is completely separate from Duolingo, you can use your Facebook to log into memrise.


Thanks! It's helping me a lot to fix words and expressions, great!


Thank you for this great tip! I am definitely going to try this as well.


Hey Jlesnick! Thanks a lot for this, i started today and i really like it.


Thanks for the link! I just started using Memrise last weekend with the general Intro German, but it's very helpful to have a course that matches the Duolingo vocab!


Yes indeed you are able to create your own "Duolingo-Memrise" using Anki in your smartphone. However, I think vocabularies within Duolingo somehow are limited as it is not specifically created to memorize myriad of vocabularies. On the other hand, Memrise, which specifically built to provide vocabularies, provide complements for Duolingo.

I suppose I will follow your suggs! Thanks!


thanks for the tips and the links! really appreciated


I wish I would have done this from day 1. My previous spanish experience allowed me to get through the first 2 sections fairly quickly but with some gaps. I feel like Memrise helps me solidify my vocab and even better understand certain words. I'm also doing a different Memrise course for basic spanish (latin america) which teaches some vocab not taught by duolingo so it is really helping.


Nice, I think I'm going to try memrise as well Actually Duolingo teaches a latin american spanish ;)


what I do right now with Russian is I study the words with memrise before doing the duoling course. This way, I memorize the words then use them in context with duolingo.

I can not remember a single word when I don't do the memrise course.


Just saying, I would recommend you invest in a grammar book, because IMHO, Duo doesn't do the absolute best job of teaching you grammar in context. For German, I highly recommend this one https://www.amazon.com/Everything-Learning-German-Book-understand/dp/159869989X/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8


I tried memrise, but still prefer duolingo, after I finished the german tree for english speakers I am doing it for Italian, Spanish and Portuguese speakers. Duolingo is so much fun!!!

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