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  5. "We play."

"We play."

Translation:Vi leger.

September 12, 2014



Is there a difference in connotation between leger and spiller? Or are they 100% interchangeable?


at lege means to play in the sense of a game without any rules (such as playing with dolls or children playing in a park, or playing with Lego), it's also used for Athletics sometimes (e.g. Olympiske Lege) and one would "Lege en leg"
at spille means to play games such as board games, video games and sports (like football, rugby, cricket, etc) and on would "Spiller et spil"
Although this flow chart and explanation is in Danish, I think it explains it pretty well

They should be interchangeable when translating from English (but don't know if both are accepted for ALL sentences) provided you don't cross them in a way such as Jeg spiller en leg or Jeg leger et spil


What about playing an instrument?


Playing an instrument and playing someone as an actor/actress both use "at spille"


Interesting difference, in Dutch you use "Spelen" for everything, both play sports, instruments, games or with toys.


I think you're right. They are completely interchangeable as long as you don't cross them together in a sentence.


They're not completely interchangeable. See Xneb's explanation above. You wouldn't for instance say about dogs who play with each other that *hundene spiller". The correct sentence would be "hundene leger".


I always remember this verb thanks to Lego being a contraction of "leg godt", or "play well"!


In this case both "spiller" and "leger" should be accepted


I chose "Vi spiller" but the program said it was wrong???


You need to select all correct answers. "Vie leger" should be selected also.

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