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Why aren't I getting the speaking tests?

Hi, someone was saying that Dutch has microphone tests now, where you speak into a microphone and it tells you if you've spoke it correctly? But I'm level 7 and on Basic Adjectives already and I haven't come across one yet.

How do I get them to come up, I've checked the settings and my microphone was enabled, so i'm not sure what else I can do?

September 12, 2014



Speaking exercises for the Dutch course are part of an AB test, which means that some learners have access to it, while others don't. If the test goes well, it should eventually be available for everyone else too.


I really hope it will improve before it's released to everyone. Currently I have turned it off because it worked so bad that I got tired of repeating every speaking exercise over and over again. My girlfriend is a native dutch and it didn't work any better when she tried it either. First I thought it was my microphone that was not good enough, but when I try it with the German course it works much better.


I don't have access to the speaking exercises for Dutch, but I have them for French. I've noticed that, for me at least, the microphone works far better in the iPhone app (IOS7) than on the website.

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