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En vs. Et?

When do you use "et" rather than "en"? I know that "en" is for words with a gender and "et" is for something neuter, but how can you tell what words have a gender? It would be en bøf (a steak), but et jordbær (a strawberry). Why would you use "et" for strawberry, but not steak?

September 12, 2014



Their genders are just something you have to learn along with the words, sadly, but I do remember reading somewhere that something like 75% of them are common gender (-en words). So if you ever have to guess because you can't remember, you have a decent chance of being right.

September 14, 2014


You should just try to remember them along with the words. The Danish team does a good job of saying the article with the noun. When you think strawberry, don't think jordbær, but think jordbæret, or et jordbær. As a general rule though, most nouns use "en".

September 12, 2014
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