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En vs. Et?

When do you use "et" rather than "en"? I know that "en" is for words with a gender and "et" is for something neuter, but how can you tell what words have a gender? It would be en bøf (a steak), but et jordbær (a strawberry). Why would you use "et" for strawberry, but not steak?

4 years ago



Their genders are just something you have to learn along with the words, sadly, but I do remember reading somewhere that something like 75% of them are common gender (-en words). So if you ever have to guess because you can't remember, you have a decent chance of being right.

4 years ago


You should just try to remember them along with the words. The Danish team does a good job of saying the article with the noun. When you think strawberry, don't think jordbær, but think jordbæret, or et jordbær. As a general rule though, most nouns use "en".

4 years ago