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I really really want to practice with you guys

Hello i would like to practice too, but im very new in this page and i dont know how to use or interact with yours. Can you help me with this request? Thank you soo much. Finally i would like to make a lot of friends for share as i me the passion for learn english

June 2, 2013

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if you have type your message by yourself, I think you are a good level in English lenguage. I need learn more. :)


Sure, thank you so much, but my big problem is when i speak, currently im trying to apply to get a bilingual job, but actually i cant express my ideas in the best way or manner. I consider that i have good listening and writing, but reading and speaking it is very hard for me. For this reason im here to improve my english skills and complementing with other page as colingo that specializes in speaking only


Yo no puedo abrirrlo ya hiva por el 4 nivel y resulta que no puedo abrirlo en mi tablet antes si podia en una lapto.

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