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Welcome to our Newest Contributor!

Everybody, please give a warm welcome to Xneb, our newest contributor to the Danish team :D

Xneb is a native English speaker, and will be helping us fix any broken or missing English translations. Furthermore, he is well on his way to mastering Danish, having studied it for some years. In fact, you might already have spotted him answering all sorts of questions in the sentence discussion with amazing accuracy and grammatical insight.

Welcome Xneb, we're glad to have you!

September 12, 2014



Lol! You never fail to make me laugh, Alexis!


Oh boy, I'm going to have some weird dreams tonight.. :P


Nothing out of the ordinary for me, so welcome to the club. ;)


Congratulations! For those of you who aren't: DO DANISH. It's cool. If you don't think so, look up Tivoli and you'll change your mind.


Velkommen and congrats Xneb! :)

alt text


Velkommen og tak for the work you've done and will be doing.


Very much welcome Xneb! Looking forward to your great work even more. :) I really enjoyed the danish course and I believe you'll make it even better.

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