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"Het koninkje zwemt in het zwembad."

Translation:The king is swimming in the pool.

September 12, 2014



Koninkje Joffrey was een slechte man.


you should have more +1's


It is super nice that it's not "zwembadje" :D


is koninkje the word for prince? (little king). And if not, what king wants to be referred to by a diminutive!


No, it doesn't mean prince, it is indeed more like "little king". Some kings were crowned at a very young age, such as Edward VI of England when he was 9 years old.


Makes sense! Thanks


Could it also mean little king in the sense of having a small kingdom?


Yes, it can mean little in any sense (since there is no context). It can also be used in a demeaning way, like: this is not a proper king.


Could we also say "de kleine koning"? :)


If I were a rival king in the middle ages, would I use "koninkje" to demean an boy king?

For example, let's say I meet this fellow at a meeting before a battle. This boy king has called for peace, but I'm not interested in peace. I want to conquer his lands and make him my one of my many subjects. Would refering to him as "koninkje" help me start a war? This is going to be immediately relevant in my day to day life, and so I must know!


Trouble is that it can also be used by people as an endearment, so the sound of your voice would be our only clue. You can make anything sound bad. An enemy using an endearment sounds bad to me.

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