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Mandarin Chinese?

As the most spoken language in the world, I feel like it would be really cool to have a Duolingo course on this. Is one in the works?


June 2, 2013



Even though I think a language such as Chinese would be hard to fit in Duolingo's system, I'd be really glad to see it added. But while it isn't added, there are a lot of other sources to get started with the language:

HelloChinese: you learn to write the characters and learn some everyday phrases and words. It is very didatic and simple to use.

HelloTalk: I use it a lot. You talk to Chinese native speakers that want to learn English - or whatever your native language is. Very good to get the grasp of the language used by people on the internet.

Anki: a flashcard-based app although it is a bit "crude", it is a great source for vocab learning. It uses a Spaced Repetition System (SRS) that is way better than Duolingo's. For disciplined learners, it is probably the best tool to learn fast and remember the Hanzi. You can make your own flashcards very easily (my own deck already has 1500+ cards).

Memrise: its SRS is not very good compared to Anki (still better than Duolingo's), but its system of mems (funny, interesting or unexpected mental links to learn every single word) is worth a try. I've stopped using it to learn Chinese, but I still use it to learn other languages. If used together with Duolingo to learn European languages, it will help you tremendously, as it's been doing lately with my French.






As a native speaker of Mandarin Chinese, I would be able to contribute to this course! I've applied to be a contributor but have gotten nothing back yet! My hopes are up for this course to be launched in the incubator soon... Who agrees with me :P


After I finish my Spanish course in Duolingo, I want to learn more Mandarin. It would be great to have a Mandarin Chinese course!


Yeah, as a native Mandarin speaker, I really wish that Chinese can be added in the course list so that more people can learn it. Yet it's really hard to do so since I tried the "English for Chinese speakers" course and figured that languages that can switch the order of words without causing confusion (such as Chinese) are quite hard to fit into the system. When I was trying to "learn" that course (I know both languages quite well so I was just curious), I found out that it's quite hard for me to get the right answer. Not because I didn't know what the question was asking, but because in Mandarin, a word can have several meanings. Also, sometimes if you switch the order of words in a Mandarin sentence, it also makes sense. However the system didn't add all the possible answers, especially the colloquial ones. So if "Mandarin for English speakers" would be added, I hope this problem can be fixed somehow.


You should apply to be a contributor to the course!


Would be great to have mandarin chinese!


If anyone wants to learn, this app is almost exactly like duolingo. It even teaches you how to write characters by drawing with your finger on your phone. http://m.hellochinese.cc


Thanks everyone for your support (and lingots!) It looks like it's finally happening!


4 years later: Mandarin is in the incubator.


I am enjoying the CHINESE course!


I really want this, one of the main courses I was hoping for when I created this duolingo account.


Many kids are learning this language in school and need support especially with their coursework, there are very few ways to effectively learn Chinese and it is even more difficult if students do not have a family member that speaks the language. A course in Chinese would help eliminate this problem and provide feasible help to students (and non-students) who want to learn another language.


I, as a native Chinese speaker, would love to see this course on Duolingo soon. Fingers crossed for it to be in the Incubator by this year...

BTW If anyone has questions concerning Chinese, I'm available for help! :P


Okay the explanation of the word order in Chinese is not clear in the course and / or not so well explained. I have to look for other sources outside DL to understand it.


How do I register for the Chinese instruction in December?


Would it possible to have an option to learn Chinese using only pinyin on here? It would be nice to have a more accessible option. The Chinese characters are probably putting more than a few people off (those who just want to speak and understand).


Hello! I was wondering if it would be possible to add more lessons to the Chinese (mandarin) course. Specifically, for words that could be useful in reading novels. Just, magical terms (spells, demons, etc) or basic fighting moves (kick, punch, stab, etc).


I agree, it's grammatically easy: no gender, no conjugation, no article, SVO sentence structure. It's the easiest language for me.


Yes! Upvote yes or pay the prices

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