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" teideal nua ar an leabhar."

Translation:The book has a new title.

September 12, 2014



Shouldn't this be "Tá teideal nua ag an leabhar" ?


It's just how you say it in the language. "There's a new title on the book".


Yeah. ag an leabhar sounds off, like it's something the book possesses.


Thanks. I was reading this as "The book has a new title", but since "ag" wasn't in it, I was confused and typed something else.


You know you are tired when you have the right title in your head but type 'the book has a new turtle.'


what's wrong with a new title is on the book?


It’s a literal translation rather than a translation by meaning.


I would consider that a perfectly acceptable Anglo Irish phrase (which probably explains why I find it easy to remember - dyslexic turtles aside.)


'There is a new title on the book' would be better, but in English, 'have' is much more idiomatic.


"A new title is on the book" is accepted. 10/1/15


Can "A new title is on the book" not be accepted for some reason? It seems right to me...


Why so many Irish lessons still without sound?? I reported many times but the problem is not fixed This problem remains only in the Irish course...


I wouldn't bother: unlike most other languages, Duolingo hasn't sourced a voice synthesiser for the speech. This means that they've had to use a voice actor to read the line, which is vastly more expensive and time consuming than using voice synthesis.

Some day, the course might be fully voiced, but that won't be any time soon.


Is it just me or is this a rather useless sentence?

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Not if we had a conversation last month about the book I'm writing...and when you ask me this month about how it's progressing, I tell you that I have decided to change it's title :)


Thanks man, it actually does make sense!


This surely has to be "there is a new title on the book" rather than "the book has a new title"


I agree completely. Every other example of this construction has been very specific about the English translation. While this second option has a more natural sound in English, I've never been able to use it as a correct answer before. It seems to me that Irish is very particular about the differences between subject and object, whereas English isn't quite so picky.

ex 1: "There is a new title..." "Title" is the subject. ex 2: "The book has a..." "The book" is the subject.

Irish eclipsis and lenition, as well as almost every other rule, seem to require precision in subject use.

Thoughts from a native/more experienced speaker?

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