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"Pigen kan ikke lide sin klasse."

Translation:The girl does not like her class.

September 12, 2014



"To suffer" and "to like" is the same word in Danish. Duolingo and Google Translate pronounce it like to suffer which is not correct in this sentence. The correct way to pronounce it is like saying "li". https://translate.google.dk/?hl=da=wT#da/en/li


Does this mean that she doesn't like other stidents forming her class or that she doesn't like the lesson? Or it can be both?


could be either, but if she doesn't like her classmates a better expression might be 'pigen kan ikke lide sine klassekammerater'


the correct way to pronounce 'lide' in this sentence is 'li' ! the de is silent (and makes you wonder why it's there at all?!)


Doesn't should be accepted just as well as does not.


Contractions are the bane of Grammar!

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