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New option, new languages

Hi all!

While practicing the vocabulary, could there be also an option to practice all of them? I mean not only the weakest ones? Like you know, review all of the words I did so far.

And can we count for some new languages in the future? Let's say Norwegian :P

And of course I must admit, your site is wonderful anyways! ;)

Waiting for your response Darek

June 2, 2013



Right now, you can practice weakest words, an entire skill, specific vocab, or lessons in a skill. Appreciate the suggestion. Also, we plan on adding tools in the near future that enable community members to add languages. We'll keep you posted as that comes together!


I reckon they should have the 6 official languages of the UN and other widely spoken languages like Hindi, Japanese, Indonesian, Cantonese, Hebrew, Turkish and Norwegian.


The 6 official languages of the UN list is good. It would allow anyone to reach 99% of the human population on this planet. (By being spoken, not necessarily by being native languages to 99% of the human race.)

Russian and Chinese (mandarin) should be top priorities for Duolingo. They are most useful languages for business needs. (Hindi would be but basically all educated people from India speak rather good English already.)


I like the idea about new languages. It would be nice to know what languages DuoLingo is working on and maybe getting to vote on what is next. The United Nations has six official languages: English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian, and Arabic. I am a native English speaker and have been working on French and Spanish, but would love to see Chinese or Russian added next.


Japanese and Mandarin next please! :D


I, too, would be delighted if the website included more languages, especially Japanese and Chinese.


I would love to see Japanese. My niece goes to a school were her math and science class is only in Japanese and it would be awesome to learn it so I could talk with her in Japanese.


In regards of the whole practicing words, as Kristine said, Duolingo has that option, plus some. However, I just got an idea thanks to this thread. Add in another, practice ALL vocabulary of said language, meaning so even the words you do not know yet, or haven't been introduced to yet.

As long as there's a limit of 1-2new words per sentence or less, then it'd be fine. Alternatively I'd say, this would take more word, but the option for people to add in story books or something where you'd read a paragraph for example and try to translate certain words afterwards, or infer them while reading. Just two ruff ideas, but I think they'd be useful to add as an option.


How cool would it be to get an asian language on here?? I would die..

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