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"No, but the dog can get a knife for you."

Translation:Nej, men hunden kan hente en kniv til dig.

September 12, 2014



I think "Nej, men hunden kan få en kniv til dig" should have been accepted. "Få" means get, while "hente" means fetch, pick up or collect.

Am I wrong perhaps? Explanation would be much appreciated! :)


"Få" is related to be given something by someone. So using "få" would mean that someone gave the dog a knife for you after it requested it. Which would be weird.

Hente is the act of going and getting something. Another correct answer could be "skaffe", which is to get, the way that you wanted to use "få".


In English "get" can mean to receive or to "go get" - to retrieve. "Få" means to receive, and as you both said, "hente" means fetch, retrieve, pick up or collect, and "skaffe" is to obtain, acquire something literal.


Mange tak, that was very helpful, as I was going to ask how you knew which to use.


If this is the follow-up to "Can the bear bring me a beer?" then it's definitely time to cut you off. :-)


I agree with you


i think ''Nej, men hunden kan skaffe en kniv til dig'' should have been accepted. ''skaffe'' means get or collect


What I do not appreciate is the unnecessary ambiguity here. Why not say "fetch", when you mean it?

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