"You eat because you are hungry."

Translation:Tu mangi perché hai fame.

June 2, 2013

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    This is actually the first time I've come across "hai" in these lessons. I thought it would've been tested earlier...


    Because io ho ,tu hai ,egli ella ha,,noi abbiamo ,voi avete ,essi esse hanno //I have,you have,he she it has,,we have,you have,they have!


    Nah, I eat for the fun of it.


    I dont understand "hai" why not ha? IO=ho, tu=ha you are hungry, you have hunger, tu ha fame


    In italian, you do not get hungry. You have hunger. Think of it as a state of being. Like you'd have a cold, or you'd have an episode, you'd also have hunger.


    Io - ho; tu - hai; lei/lui ha

    Io ho fame I have hunger

    Tu hai fame You have hunger

    Lei ha fame She has hunger

    Noi abbiamo fame We have hunger

    Voi avete fame You all have hunger

    Loro hanno fame They have hunger


    I tried with Tu mangi perché tu sei affamato, and it was wrong.


    Tu mangi perché tu sei affamato is right Italian, the only thing wrong are these these lessons full of mistakes in grammar, meaning and pronunciation. I know that, cos I'm Italian and I'm testing this lessons to see if they are good to learn Italian for those who want to learn it. So the sentence that you said " Tu mangi perché tu sei affamato" or also " Tu mangi perché sei affamarto" is right in Italian.


    You eat because you are hungry has two translations. One of them is using "you" as direclty you as a person. The other is using "si impersonale", ie. (you (not you as a person, you impersonally) do so and so, because of so and so). I interpreted this sentence as the latter: Si mangia perché si ha fame


    I said exactly the same as your later interpretation: Si mangia perche' si ha fame. Marked wrong


    Italians (in translation) say "You have hunger." not "You are hungry.".


    If i understand correctly, "fame" doesnt mean "hungry", it means "hunger".

    Instead of translating "...you are hunger", it is "...you have hunger."

    Hai means "(you) have"


    I said, 'tu mangi perché sei fame' - can someone explain why this is incorrect, and why 'hai' is used instead? thank you :)


    In the same way that "You have hunger" isn't good English, "You are hungry" isn't good Italian (or French). It's just the way they say these things.


    Why is "Mangia, perché tu hai fame." incorrect?


    "Mangia" is the third-person conjugation while we need the second-person, "mangi."


    I tried "tu mangi perché hai un fame" but it was marked incorrect because I use the article un.. why?


    Im guessing because "un" isn't in conjunction with the feminine "fame" or "perché"? Not sure which one though :/


    "tu mangi perché sei affamato" dovrebbe andare bene allo stesso modo.


    What would it be for Voi mangiate?


    Voi mangiate perché avete fame


    Why can't you use percio here as because?


    Perciò isn't really "because", but "because of this", "hence", "therefore".


    una formica parlante!


    First of all: 'tu mangi' as an imperative is in english 'eat' od 'do eat', not 'you eat' (which is something like 'you are eating'). So as for me the response 'you eat because you are hungry' is correct as well, isn't it?


    "Tu mangi" cannot be imperative: that would be "mangia" (tu) or "mangi" (Lei) for the singular. Not sure what you're talking about as I don't know what exercise you were given and 'you eat because you are hungry' here was the text to translate, not the response.


    I had "hai" first time you said it was wrong, now the same question I had "Ha" you marked as wrong?


    Unless you copy and paste your full answer into this forum, it is impossible for others to know what other mistakes might have been in your answers.


    Dl has changed the correct answer each time I have given an answer. I put exactly what they say and they change the answer!!!


    Dl brings on new concepts or new types of sentences with any pre teaching or info.


    why is it not "tu mangi perche sei fame"?


    Why can you not say "Tu mangi perche tu ha fame?"

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