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suggestions for the "strengthen weakest words"

Hey guys, thanks for a great system for language learning, thumbs way up for that. i've recently discovered the "strengthen weakest words" function in the "vocabulary" section, which is yet another cool function that i have som suggestions for improval on: 1: when you set a timelimit it doesn't make sense to introduce new words that you have to spend time learning. Repeating only the words that you already know would make more sense to me, atleast when people have achieved a decent wordbase.... 2: again, when you set a timelimit, i want to get to the next question as fast as possible. if i make a mistake i can either spend time realizing what was wrong (and waste time) or jump to the next question and learn nothing (except knowing that i was wrong). i suggest Either make the time stop between the questions (my preffered) or make a list of the results after the test is completed (actually i think doing both would be optimal). that's all for now, and ofcourse this is just my perspective, i would encourage other users to let your voice be heard both if you agree and if you disagree :) cheers, Kasper

June 2, 2013



I've made the exact same suggestion for timed review as have multiple others. Thanks for you voice! http://duolingo.com/#/comment/455067


Yes, it's definitely the way to go!


I've never seen a new word being introduced in the timed practice, but I think the mistakes list is essential. I know I'd learn so much more if I had time to digest these.


I agree with this suggestion


I agree with this, I hope it is applied to the practice skill feature as well. I know that my grasp on certain words isn't "perfect" like it suggests. The time limit has me racing through questions and not checking my mistakes.


Agreed, I would very much appreciate being able to review the results of my timed practice session to make note of my weakest points.

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