"Oggi è possibile."

Translation:Today it is possible.

June 2, 2013

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While "Today is possible" would probably not be used often, "Oggi e possibile" is a little confusing since it appears that "Today" is the subject. Would it be incorrect to say "Oggi lo e possibile?" Also, how would one say "Today is possible" (meaning today is a possibility) in Italian and not have it confused with "Today it is possible?"


"Oggi lo è possibile" is incorrect. You can translate "Today is possible" as "L'oggi è possibile".


But well, is there any Italian equivalent for the English word "it"? I don't think I've seen one - whenever the subject is "it" the sentence just starts with a verb - so I'm guessing not?


The Italian word for "it" is "esso", but it's almost never used.


You can use lo or la depending on the gender. If you don't know the gender use lo. E.g."Lo so" i know it. "Prendi lo" means take it.


That is only for direct objects.


Your help is so great! Thanks!


Everything is possible today. So, go ahead and give your maximum effort and have a unforgetable day. | Oggi qualunque cosa è possibile. Quindi, andare avanti e dare il vostro sforzo massimo e avere un giorno indimenticabile.


I used "nowadays" for "oggi" as it is indicated under 'hover' as a solution; it makes sense in English


It sounds almost the same as in the portuguese word " Hoje" (Oggi)

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