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  5. "Tá buachaill agam."

" buachaill agam."

Translation:I have a boyfriend.

September 13, 2014



I can friendzone someone before I can even have a conversation with them in Irish. Nice!


I put in "I have a boy" and it was accepted. The other translation is "I have a boyfriend." If someone asked me if I had any kids and I was trying to tell tell them the gender of my child by saying this they may think I was gay... this could lead to a very interesting conversation.


Well, it depends on the context. I'm Irish and said "I have a boy" and it's only through this course that I've learned it can also mean boyfriend!


It really depends on context if you were talking about family and you said i have a boy then the Irish person would assume you're saying boy=son. But if you were talking about relationships then you said that, then yes the Irish person may think you're gay.


Oop just realized someone else posted that sorry!


Does buachaill in this sentence necessarily mean "boyfriend"? Can it also mean son, or perhaps a lad hired to work in her shop or garden?


I think that would be derived from context clues. If the conversation was about children, it would probably be understood to mean son, if its about relationships, it would be understood as a boyfriend, etc. It means "I have a boy", just think about if you'd use that in English, would people be able to understand what you meant with 'boy' from the context? If so, the same is likely to be true in Irish as well


How do you tell the difference between boy and boyfriend?


I would always use buachaill for boy, most Irish people would never use it for boyfriend


What would they use for boyfriend?


It means boy, the meaning of boyfriend would come only from context. I've seen others suggest buachaill chara for boyfriend


When duolingo friendzones you


This a difficult one...just learning language and if you translate how the words are its "is boyfriend at me"...like ...whaaaat


I think it's easier if u learned the language in school like i did. I think an app like this gives u the literal translation but if ur speaking to a teacher they will teach u it more corresponding to English, if that makes sense. Having learned Irish since about 4 i don't really think of the words the way ur thinking of them. I would think more of their intended English translation not the literal translation.


How do you say "I hane a son"

  • Tá mac agam = I have a son
  • Tá mac amháin agam = I have one son


Gotta learn this one well lol


to quote my german teacher "it doesnt have to be true, it only has to be correct"


Writing this sentence, I mean...


Countn't this also mean (A Mother) I have a boy.... also... unlike other language courses the sentences are not read out - this happens on German, Italian, Chinese and Japanese courses I have tried on DuoLingo


Please support audio recordings. This sentence is vital

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