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  5. Is portuguese out of beta?


Is portuguese out of beta?

i didn't see a message that officially states it like with italian, but the (beta) that used to follow portuguese disappeared. thanks in advance!

June 2, 2013



Yeah, I just noticed that too. I've been waiting for the Portuguese to move out of it's beta version, but I also expected some sort of notification. So far the Portuguese lessons seem good with me, but I also just started them.


It came out of beta about a month ago. I was definitely made aware somehow (maybe by email?). But I've searched the discussions and looked at the blog and can't find any official announcement (I could have sworn there was one, maybe it was deleted as Portuguese probably needed a bit more work before coming out of beta).


thanks! weird they only announced it on facebook and not on their site or here though.. :)


Yes, Portuguese is out of beta. I thought we had announced it in the forum, but apparently we didn't :)

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