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"Ik zal toevoegen dat ik hem niet zag."

Translation:I will add that I did not see him.

September 13, 2014



How would one say. "I will add that I did not ""watch"" him." ?


Not the same way? "Ik zal toevoegen dat ik hem niet zag"?


No, dat ik hem niet bekeek.


Is there a reason that the "zal" --> "shall" translation is not being accepted?


It is now accepted (at least for the first person).


That's what I hesitated to ask about "zullen" with "(be) supposed to" but then assumed to would item or less precise that way


' will add' doesn't mean will toevoegen in this context. It should be 'zal toegeven' which means 'to admit'. If it is suppose to mean that on top of something else you add that you didn't sees him, then the translation is also wrong, cause in dutch you don't use this construction. It could then be something like: Bovendien geef ik toe dat ik hem niet zag.


I can't think of any sentence in which 'toevoegen' translates as 'to admit'. I agree that the sentence sounds a bit awkward, but I don't think it's wrong...


It's actually a fine sentence in dutch. It's just not commonly used like that. example; someone asks not to tell that you saw "him" when talking to someone else or "him". so when talking you add (to the conversation) that you didn't see "him".


(hin-) zufügen vs -zugeben .. (which BOTH can be translated as "add"... maybe that caused a confusion too?) pity there's no Duits => Nederlands featured. Also a cakewalk regarding the quite 1:1 way sentences are being constructed in both languages... generally.

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