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  5. "De har hende."

"De har hende."

Translation:They have her.

September 13, 2014



What would "They have hers" be?


"De har hendes"


I wrote henne and it was accepted without giving notice of a typo. Any reason?


I've noticed this - if you're within one letter of being right and if it isn't a typical / blatant error (such as putting "hun" when it should have been "han"), they let it go. REALLY annoying if you then innocently make a revision note that this is what the sentence is, complete with typo. Unless you check the forum page, like you've done, you wouldn't even know. I've suggested that the right answer should automatically appear on the main page after submission - to enable comparison without opening up another page - but no change so far :-/


Why is this not de har HUN?


That's the whole point of the exercise: they use different words for 'you are eating' Du spiser, and 'you eat for 2' Dig spiser i to. In one sentence 'you' is the object, in the other 'you' is part of a phrase.


De og de kan betyde både you (flertal) og they

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