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  5. "Vi spiser æbler."

"Vi spiser æbler."

Translation:We are eating apples.

September 13, 2014



This may also be translated as we eat apples

February 14, 2016


Hmm I put "Vi spiser æblet" and got it correct

September 13, 2014


It seems as though Duolingo usually tolerates a one letter misspelling and may have thought this was a typo, but this is an instance where someone could put the wrong word. " the apple " rather than "apples" We could report it.. There are some places where a different word created by one letter is not allowed for just such a reason. Or should we let people learn without the penalty, after all it can be just a typo for some people?

October 18, 2014


audio doesn't work on MacBook

February 14, 2018


Why is "we eat apples" not accepted? Danish present tense can be translated with both present and present continuous in English (it even says so in the first lesson)

September 30, 2018


Why is 'vi' pronounced as 'vis/viz' in the wordbank? According to a Native speaker this is incorrect.

April 17, 2019
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