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  5. "Essas decisões são boas."

"Essas decisões são boas."

Translation:Those are fine decisions.

June 2, 2013



If the choice between esta/essa/aquela is based on location to the speaker/listener then how do you decide which one to use when it they are abstract concepts and not physical things? Or is essa/esse just the default in such circumstances


Essa/esse are what we say all the time when we mean essa/esse/esta/este. We do use aquilo/aquela/aquele though.

The rule is more or less like this:
este/esta = This (one near me, this one near us, este aqui)
esse/essa = That (one near you, esse aí)
aquele/aquela = That (defined thing far from us, defined thing we don't necessarily see right now but that I am referring to)
aquilo = That (undefined/abstract thing of unknown gender that we don't necessarily see, or know what it is "O que era aquilo?" -- What was that?)


Obrigada por isto. :)


We normally use "esse, essa" but its useless to define rules on it once we dont follow them....


haha, isso é verdade


Duo causes us much stress on it... its more complicated there than the real life.... :S


A Brazilian friend told me not to say 'este' or 'esta' in conversation because it sounds too proper and snobish.


Today I reported a shown wrong solution:

"These decisions are good." with the headline "You used the wrong word."

My (wrong) translation: "That decisions are good".

Somehow the DuoLingo system does not understand that "That" was the error in my answer but the correct solution would have been "Those decisions..." and that it must not suggest "These decisions..."

What do you think?


"...are good ones" should be accepted. reported


"Those are fine decisions" and "those decisions are fine" are both correct according to this lesson. Although the sentiment is very different. "Those decisions are fine" sounds like someone is accepting the decisions but not necessarily overjoyed with them. "Those are fine decisions" sounds like a British compliment to someone's decisions.

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