"Nous allons au cinéma."

Translation:We are going to the movie theater.

September 13, 2014



The British NEVER use the phrase 'movie theatre'. We cal it 'cinema'. (like the wise French) And we call 'films' 'films' to 'movies'. Perhaps you might account for that in your allowable responses.

April 16, 2018


I absolutely support this comment. Too many of the translations are weighted towards Americans, when really Brits and others are more likely, I imagine, to want to learn French, the language of near neighbours.

July 25, 2019


A bit snarky Barbara325370. Must allow for regional variations. Those in the US part of North America never say lift, tube or have tea time. It's elevator, metro or subway and happy hour. But, we all adjust. Don't we?

August 31, 2019


Why shouldn't just theater work? It's a common expression in English. Does theatré mean a more traditional theater?

November 21, 2015


In the US the theater typically means seeing a live performance on stage, unless you say movie theater. But we usually say we're going to the movies (plural) even though you're just going to see one movie. At least that's what qe say in New York.

March 29, 2019


Do you seriously call it a movie theatre in the US? Here in the UK it is a cinema. In Scotland (at least when i was growing up), sometimes a picture house. Or just 'the pictures'.

September 15, 2018


We in the US would say we are going to the movies.

January 31, 2019


Im from Canada and nobody calls it a cinema here. We call it the movie theatre or "the movies". My grandparents call it the show-house though.

June 22, 2019


I'm Canadian too. I've heard variations depending on where I have lived. In the big cities I have always heard "the movies" or "the movie theatres". In the very small towns I lived, it was typically called "the cinema".

October 4, 2019


I go to the cinema to see films. Movie theatre is never used in UK.

March 9, 2019


When do we use au and when to use a'?

April 12, 2019


Hi Akanksha, I will give you a summary for the correct use of the preposition à in French. Please, you can read my answer for Sumit, it is more explained. - à + la = à la (Je vais à la gare) - à+l' = à l' (Je vais à l'hôtel) - à + le = au ( Je vais au bureau) (Elle va au cinéma) - à + les = aux (tu vas aux alentours) I hope that helps you -

June 9, 2019


It helped me :-)

June 24, 2019


Thank you for explaining. That was very helpful

August 16, 2019


You're welcome Gayen4

August 16, 2019


I have never heard anyone in the english language refer to the cinema as the theatre. The theatre is normally a stage production.

June 13, 2019


Movie theatre ??? Who the says that

August 3, 2019


I assume 'We go to the movie theater' is also accepted, but I did cinema just in case. Does it accept 'movie theater' instead of cinema?

September 13, 2014


It did not accept "movie theater" for me. It says that it would've accepted "movie theatre". I reported it.

October 13, 2014


The exact same thing happened to me. I also reported it.

June 7, 2015


Differences in American English and English English apparent here. In the UK, for 'ciméma' we say cinema, where we see a film. Theatre ( the English spelling) is where we see live shows e.g. musicals, plays, ballet etc. You might now hear a young person saying, We're going to the movies, but more likely is We're going to the cinema. or We're going to the pictures. (what it mostly was, when i was growing up). You would never hear, We're going to the theatre, or even movie theatre, when they're talking about going to watch a film. That would be in America, not UK.

April 20, 2019


It's not just the UK. The Irish would never say movie theatre (or movie theater, for that matter), don't think the Aussies or Kiwis do either. Not sure about South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria etc. nor English-speaking Indians/Pakistanis. I'd imagine the English-speaking Caribbean countries use the North American usage though, but I might be wrong.

June 2, 2019


Im Australian and i say movies, ive never said cinema or theatre

June 18, 2019


"The movies" is common in Australia but an older demographic will also call it the cinema. You can also go to the flicks, or the pictures. Movie theatre, almost never. "Theatre" refers to a live show. Also, for domestic equipment we call it "home cinema" despite the attempts of stores to use the American term "home theatre" (or theater, as they would spell it).

June 30, 2019


'older demographic' :-)

June 30, 2019


The question" Nous allons au cinéma" translate to english:

I put "We are going to the movie"

Got it marked wrong.


October 18, 2016


I put the same translation and it was accepted. (May 4th, 2019)

May 4, 2019


In French movies is translated as movie theater not just movie

April 25, 2019


Moi aussi. I reported it. Even though 'movies' is probably more correct with today's multiple-screened theatres, you can only watch one at a time.

December 3, 2017


There was no 'movies' choice

October 26, 2018


We are going to movie theater.

Got marked wrong for missing "the".

May 11, 2019

[deactivated user]

    Theatre is spelt wrong Should you offer an option of cinema

    May 23, 2019


    the translation is cinema in English and this should be taken as correct as well as the American translation. It is all weighted heavily to the US side of the Pond and somehow it just not seem right to not include English.

    July 25, 2019


    A comment (and a question) for Duo creators. You are offering so many languages. Why don't you consider offering two versions of English (or even more at the later stage). And I wonder now - do I learn French or Canadian French? ;-)

    August 3, 2019


    I think you would say Cinema in English as well, but I am Danish, so I might be wrong

    August 30, 2019


    No, you are right. See comments above.

    August 30, 2019


    You say that in portugese too!

    October 1, 2019



    May 24, 2019


    That's what I thought

    May 26, 2019


    Can someone please help with the usage of à, en and au? From the examples seen I observe the following: - à is used for places / cities - au is also used for places, but it is used when there is no article (le/la) needed - en is used for countries.

    Not sure though. It'll be great if someone can clarify. Thanks.

    June 3, 2019


    Hi Sumit, you have to use the preposition à everytime you have the preposition followed by the definite articles la or l'. But you must use the contraction au when the preposition is followed by the definite article le. Finally, if you have the plural article les, you must use aux. For instance: - Je vais à l'école - Je vais à la montagne But - Je vais au parc (à+le) - Je travaille au lycée (à+le) - Je vais aux Bois de Boulogne

    June 9, 2019


    I am sorry I forgot to explain that aux is (à+les)

    June 9, 2019


    "allons" meaning anyone???

    June 8, 2019


    Third person plural of aller (to go). look up declension of aller to see the full set.

    June 22, 2019


    It means that somebody's going somewhere I think.....

    October 1, 2019


    But it says cinèma so i think it should be we are going to the cinema not we are going to movie theater

    August 26, 2019


    UK English we say cinema not mivie theatre!

    October 2, 2019



    October 2, 2019


    Good grief, Duo. In England we go to the cinema, not the movie theater. Please allow my answer and give other native English speakers the option!

    October 8, 2019


    You go grrl!

    October 9, 2019


    Merci beaucoup.

    October 9, 2019


    Can someone please confirm if this is correct:- Nous = we Allons = are going Au = to the ?

    August 17, 2019



    August 18, 2019


    Thankyou Ms World

    August 18, 2019


    You're welcome :-)

    August 19, 2019


    I can't believe that I got it wrong !It's impossibly horrible.......... Will I get it right now that I know the answer?

    October 1, 2019


    Gosh I got this wrong like millions of times! I finally got it right.....

    October 1, 2019


    I was corrected that I should have used "movies" when the plural was not an option.

    October 28, 2018


    Dude i coundt spell it so i got it wrong FAIL

    September 20, 2018


    I'm a bit confused .where is the "going" part of this sentence. Nous allons is we are au is to the :s

    November 6, 2018


    "Nous sommes" is we are. "Nous allons" is we are going (or just "we go")

    November 13, 2018


    Movie theater os an archaic phrase and is not accirate, movies or movie never movie theater.

    August 28, 2018


    U guys are somehow stupid. Cause it don't make any mening.

    November 28, 2018


    We are going to the movie should also have been a correct answer. Senseless

    November 30, 2018
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