The letter x

In my experience talking with a boy from Brasil, he told me that "The letter x exists only to confuse foreigners". That being said, is there any nice way to predict what it will sound like at all?? x --> s/z/ks/sh for no discernable reason.

June 2, 2013


Unfortunately not (same case as ss, ç, s). For example: taxi /taksee/ and taxa /tacha/....not rules at all. Sometimes x isnt even pronounced!! Example: excessão

Ok. Thanks a lot! If only x were more predictable though...

Yeah.... but thats a problem even for natives!! At school we learn the usages of x, s, ss, g, j, m, n, things that confuse us!! Every now and then youll see natives asking: "how do you write it?" Hehe

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