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You can now read this much!

I was just told I can now read 60-something percent of real German, and to encourage me in the knowledge of that, I was given the opportunity to try translating a philosophical text by Ludwig Wittgenstein. Very funny, little owl. Very funny.

September 13, 2014



Duo never loses its humor ;)

September 13, 2014


Duolingo told you about reading 60-something percent of real German? was that when you finished the entire tree?


For me, the messages started about halfway through the tree. They're really annoying.


I haven't finished the entire thing yet. I started getting those pop-ups about half way through I guess. I just thought it was weird that they gave me a text to translate that requires not only knowledge of basic German but also knowledge of vocabulary for a specialized field of study (here philosophy).


This doesn't really matter, since your translations don't need to be perfect in order to be helpful. Texts are not only translated by a single person and they will get reviewed and corrected by other users anyway.


Oh, they start much earlier than that. I get those for Spanish after each lesson now and I imagine it'll start saying that to me about French soon enough.


I always get them since the beginning of my German lessons on Duolingo (since october/november) It's very annoying because I think it is not accurate and Duolingo only can assess you on your knowledge here and not other sites.


Mmm, linguistics and philosophy - perfect for a intermediate learner! (ha ha ha) When I hit 40%, it thought Goethe's Faust would be a good start...

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