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"might as well" in Spanish

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I've had a hard time figuring out how to translate "might as well" to Spanish. Consider any scenario where a person's circumstances allow for some desired result, but the desirability of the result is inconsequentially higher than any alternative. These would be situations where I'd use the term.

For example, I bought a ticket to see a movie but arrived at the theater very early. There's no workers around, so I could see another movie before the one I planned to see. I have plenty of time, but I'm also a patient person who is also willing to wait it out in the lobby. It just seems like a slightly better idea to catch another flick as I wait. I say to myself "I might as well watch another movie while I wait".

I can't find any good translations for "might as well" and the ones I find seem to depend on more specific cases of scenarios where I would use the term. Anyone have any good ideas about a more direct translation, or set of appropriate translations?

4 years ago


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I would tanslate it as " (Yo) bien podria ver otra película mientras espero"

4 years ago


You are right. As mexican, (and i think it would be the same in all latin america) would say "(Yo) tambien podria..."

4 years ago


I bet it's more of an idiomatic phrase. Maybe this is useful? http://www.spanishdict.com/answers/8374/maymight-as-well

4 years ago


I say "más vale que..." Followed by the subjunctive

4 years ago