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  5. "What is your profession?"

"What is your profession?"

Translation:Cad é do phroifisiún?

September 14, 2014



So, is there a verb in this sentence? I expected "cad bhfuil" or something similar.


In question structures, the copula is usually merged into the question. It's there, just invisible.


So cad is actually cad is, and the do makes proifisiun definite so there has to be a pronoun (e) separating it from the is. So, cad is e do phroifisiun, or what is it, your profession. That makes sense! But would the structure change if you had an indefinite noun? How would you say what is a man?


Two ways:

1) Céárd é an rud é fear? = What is a man?

2) Céard is fear ann = What is a man?

The first is literally: What is the thing that is a man.

The second is: What is in it, that is a newspaper.


so whenever I see "cad" as used here I can understand "cad is"?


cad doesn't always have an implied copula - for example cad mar gheall air?, cad air a raibh sé ag caint?, cad ina thaobh?, cad tá ar siúl? are examples where adding is probably won't aid your understanding.


I wrote exactly this, but was marked wrong. Is there any reason I should know they wanted the plural you?


why is "Cad é do bproifisiun" incorrect?


You have to lenite after 'do,' so you should have written "phroifisiún,' as in the answer above.

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Is there any difference to how that is pronounced?


bp sounds like b

ph sounds like f

Good resource: www.abair.ie


Why is cad atá not accepted?


What's the difference between "céard é do phroifisiún" and "cad é do phroifisiún"? It said the one with "céard" is wrong.


When opportunity allows for you, use the Report a Problem button to bring it to the attention of the course creators.


My answer, Cad é do ghairm?" was marked wrong. Doesn't gairm mean profession, vocation*?


It can — “calling” might be its nearest translation.


I wrote: Cad atá do phrofisiún. It told me that was wrong and gave "Cad é bhur bprofisiún" but in the comment section it give the correct answer as "Cad é do phrofisiún I have a hard enough time with Urú vs. Séibhú as it is, now this has thrown me for a total loop by using them both seemingly interchangeably while telling me that "cad atá" is wrong...really discouraging :/


They aren't being used interchangeably. English uses "your" interchangeably for both singular and plural, but the two different versions (singular and plural) in Irish are quite distinct.

do is a singular possessive adjective - singular possessive adjectives lenite - do phroifisiún.
bhur is a plural possessive adjective - plural possessive adjectives eclipse - bhur bproifisiún.

"what is your profession?" is a copular question, so you use cad é, not cad atá.


Single possesives lenite, plural possessivrs eclipse. So clear! Grma!


You probably didn't mean that literally for all possessives, but just in case someone is reading this and interprets it that way, let me add ... except for her, which does nothing to the the noun which follows it except add an h to nouns that start with vowels.

mo bhád - m'athair

do bhád - d'athair

a bhád (his) - a athair

a bád (her) - a hathair

ár mbád - ár n-athair

bhur mbád - bhur n-athair

a mbád (their) - a n-athair


What is the difference between "bhur phroifisiun" and "do phroifisiun


Both mean 'your,' but do+séimhiú means you are talking to one person, and bhur+ urú means you are talking to more than one person. Cá bhfuil do theach, a mhic? (Where's your house, son?) Cá bhfuil bhur dteach, a pháistí? (Where's your house, children?)

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