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La actuacion funciono... missing word in word scramble


Q: The performance worked

A: La actuacion funciono

'funciono' is not provided in the word scramble. (i'm omitting all accents here).

September 14, 2014



Hi tiangong, which version do you have? this should be fixed in our latest iOS update (version 4.0.7).


hi. i don't have the norwegian(?) update for ios from two days ago. the last update didn't go well and i wanted to hear some positive feedback before getting it.

are you speaking of this question specifically, or more generally regarding the issue of missing words in the word scramble?

of all the issues with the previous ios update, the one that actually troubles me the most is the lack of whitespace around the short words in the word scramble. it's always hard to grab these accurately. i miss or grab the wrong word. is that resolved in the latest ios update?


The latest (4.0.7) update has Dutch for English speakers and fixes the bug with the tap challenges, including the spacing issue.


Drat, they haven't fixed it yet? It's been an issue for a while.

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