Kid songs and epiphanies

When my sister was in preschool, she learned the song Los Pollitos Dicen:

Los pollitos dicen pio pio pio

cuando tienen hambre y cuando tienen frio

la gallina busca el maiz y el trigo

les da la comida y les presta abrigo

They sang both the English and the Spanish version. Because the English version isn't a transliteration, I didn't think much about the second verse until today, when I realized I could totally translate "les da la comida"!

As native English speakers (or at least not-native-Spanish-speakers), did you learn any Spanish songs as a kid? Share them and their translations here!

The English version of Los Pollitos (at least, the one my sister's school sang):

Baby chicks are crying, "Pio, pio, pio,

Mama we are hungry. Mama we are cold."

Mama gives them wheat. Mama gives them corn.

Mama feeds them dinner. Mama keeps them warm.

Rather different, no?

September 14, 2014


Hmm... the only Spanish song I remember learning was on the playground, NOT in class:

La cucaracha, la cucaracha
Ya no puedo caminar
Porque yo tuve
Marijuana que fumar

The roach, the roach,
Now I cannot walk
Because I had
Too much
Marijuana to smoke

Like I said, we didn't learn that one in the classroom. I had no idea what it meant when I learned it.

September 14, 2014

I remember hearing where is thumbkin somewhere as a kid. (maybe sesame street?) this is from memory & likely spelled wrong. pulgaracito ,pulgaracito, ¿donde está? aqui estoy ¿como está usted? muy bien gracias ya me voy ya me voy

September 15, 2014

I had an awesome elementary school Spanish teacher who was in a mariachi band, and who would teach us through children's songs. Through them, we learned counting from one to ten and ten to one, months of the year, and other basic vocab that has stuck with me and was helpful with Duolingo. We learned other popular songs like "De Colores" and "Malaguena" as well as a song about an elephant swinging on a spiderweb. We never sang the translated versions, but he would type out the lyrics and we would translate them as a class after learning to sing them in Spanish.

The best is that I'm teaching them to my son now! Here's a sampling:

(to the tune of "one little Indian"... although I'm not sure they teach that in schools anymore)

Uno, dos, tres ninitos (also this is supposed to have an ~ but my computer can't do tildes) Quatro, cinco, seis ninitos Siete, ocho, nueve ninitos Diez ninitos son.

Diez, nueve, ocho ninitos Siete, seis, cinco ninitos Quatro, tres, dos ninitos un ninito es!

Months of the year:

Primero enero, entonces febrero, Marzo, abril, mayo y junio, Julio, agosto, septeimbre, octubre Noviembre, diciembre, los meses del ano! (again, sorry for the lack of tilde :P)

My son is learning one at school about meeting new people. He's hard to understand since he's two, but it goes something like this:

Como te llamas, te llamas, te llamas, Como te llamas, como te llamas tu?

Llama _, _, _, Llama __, como te llamas tu?

I think they go around the circle and sing it in turn, using each kid's name in the blank. Super adorable.

September 17, 2014
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