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Timer should be paused when reporting a problem

I just wanted to report a problem during timed practice (outils is translated as "ustensils") but before I could finish it, I ran out of time and lost the window. Also, it would be handy if you could report a problem when reviewing your lesson.

September 14, 2014



Agreed! Though I could see how someone could get around the timed aspect by clicking "report this," researching, and canceling the report. Of course, having the option to report--and review the discussion--during the review of the lesson would avoid that.


I guess the idea is to just have a timed practice to see how one's already learnt knowledge fares in a more pressure situation with the clock ticking. I have tried both the non-timed strengthening and the timed ones and have found similar questions in both. When doing the non-timed one, I go through the discussions to get different takes of other users and clarify my own doubts. Or in some cases, have reported issues that I have found in translations. In timed-practice, I just concentrate on getting correct answers with accents and punctuation in the least possible time.

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