"Ele lê."

Translation:He reads.

June 2, 2013



The computerized voice is not very clear; it runs words together, and it makes certain consonants sound too similar. I heard "pão" as "tão" and so did my girlfriend, who was following along with me.


agreed. I think much need to be done in order to improve the quality of this robot voice...


I just confused spanish and portuguese and wrote lee


I do that so much. I can read languages on the internet... but it will take me a minute to realize which language it is, since they all sound pretty much (except french and Asian languages) the same and MOST of them have the same symbols... XD


I assume you are referring to Romance languages?


It's not a robot. It's a real person. That person, however, may not be speaking in sentences... they may just have that person say a bunch of random words, and then they use computers to make sentences with those words... so maybe that's why that sounds like that?


Yes! That's how it works, and sometimes it affects the sound...


Hello guys! I am Brazilian! And I speak that pronunciation is very speed!

We don't speak very speed in the Brazil!

I know little English, but I hope help you!


Is there any rule regarding special accents in portuguese? It's hard to remember when they should be used

[deactivated user]

    I know that, but The 3 choices of answer were Leio, lemos and leem. Lose-lose situation :(


    When do you use lê, leem, and lemos???


    Ele, ela, você lê = he, she, you read(s)

    Nós lemos = we read

    Eles leem = they read.


    Do Portuguese verbs have gender?


    No. They usually have gender in participle form.


    What rule should l follow to know when to use "le" and "leio"? I am just taking a guess still as l dont see the pattern.

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