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Mastering a category

How do I master categories that I skipped over (by taking the shortcut test)? I have all of the first group as "learnt" but have only managed to get Basics 1 to the mastered level... None of the others display the option to test to master level, and I've gone through Basic 2 to the end (but mastered is still greyed out)

Spanish by the way.

September 5, 2012



You need to translate sentences that contribute to the category you want to master. (Hover over the coins in the translations to find which sentences contribute to which categories.) Rather than worry about mastering each category as you go, I would leave the categories open and work away at the highest level. As you do translations, you will start to "backfill" your skill tree. Think of it as a jigsaw puzzle rather than building blocks and you will progress faster. If you look at my skill tree, you will see there are lots of holes that are gradually being filled in.


You can always try to refresh a skill a couple of times which should get you enough points to master it.

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