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Danish TV - List of recommended titles

--- This post is under construction. Both english & danish titles have been added. :) Would you rather watch a movie? Click here to view the list of recommended films! ---

TV-shows in the danish language:

Titles I've watched:
Titles recommended by other DL users (see comments):

TV-shows not in the danish language but related to Denmark (director, cast, location, production):

Titles I've watched:
Titles recommended by other DL users (see comments):
September 14, 2014



1864 is the great historical TV drama about the Second Schleswig War between Bismark's Germany and Denmark. Denmark lost, and as a result the southern part of Jutland became German until after the first world war. This had consequences because the Danish princesses of the time married into the English and Russian royal families, hating and ostracizing the German Kaiser Wilhelm (who was of course a relative of Queen Victoria). The breakdown in relations between the branches of the leading European royal families contributed to the conditions which then lead to the first world war. After the first world war a plebiscite was held in the areas lost in 1864 and the northern area returned to Denmark and the southern part became German. And by the way, the Danish prime minister responsible for losing the 1864 war, Monrad, fled to New Zealand where his family name still can be found to this day!


1864 added to the list, tak :)


Strongly recommended: Klovn (Clown) (2005 - 2009) - a great Danish comedy

Not recommended (except maybe out of morbid curiosity): Blachman (2013)


Thanks Marcus! I'd only heard of the movie of the same name, good to know there also was a long series before that.


Huset på Christianshavn! A classic.


Always up for classics :) Tak!


I just learned that Rejseholdet/Unit One is coming to DVD for region 1 (aka, North America)! It is available now for pre-order on Amazon. There will be a boxset for each of the three seasons.

If you are in the US or Canada and have wanted to watch this show, now is a great time! I really enjoy Rejseholdet and am excited that I can now buy it. :D


Riget, Dicte, Den som dræber are a few other series.


added, thank you!

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