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Danish TV - List of recommended titles

--- This post is under construction. Both english & danish titles have been added. :) Would you rather watch a movie? Click here to view the list of recommended films! ---

TV-shows in the danish language:

Titles I've watched:
Titles recommended by other DL users (see comments):

TV-shows not in the danish language but related to Denmark (director, cast, location, production):

Titles I've watched:
Titles recommended by other DL users (see comments):
September 14, 2014



1864 is the great historical TV drama about the Second Schleswig War between Bismark's Germany and Denmark. Denmark lost, and as a result the southern part of Jutland became German until after the first world war. This had consequences because the Danish princesses of the time married into the English and Russian royal families, hating and ostracizing the German Kaiser Wilhelm (who was of course a relative of Queen Victoria). The breakdown in relations between the branches of the leading European royal families contributed to the conditions which then lead to the first world war. After the first world war a plebiscite was held in the areas lost in 1864 and the northern area returned to Denmark and the southern part became German. And by the way, the Danish prime minister responsible for losing the 1864 war, Monrad, fled to New Zealand where his family name still can be found to this day!


1864 added to the list, tak :)


Strongly recommended: Klovn (Clown) (2005 - 2009) - a great Danish comedy

Not recommended (except maybe out of morbid curiosity): Blachman (2013)


Thanks Marcus! I'd only heard of the movie of the same name, good to know there also was a long series before that.


Huset på Christianshavn! A classic.


Always up for classics :) Tak!


I just learned that Rejseholdet/Unit One is coming to DVD for region 1 (aka, North America)! It is available now for pre-order on Amazon. There will be a boxset for each of the three seasons.

If you are in the US or Canada and have wanted to watch this show, now is a great time! I really enjoy Rejseholdet and am excited that I can now buy it. :D


Riget, Dicte, Den som dræber are a few other series.


added, thank you!


US Netflix has "Rita" available with both Danish and English subtitles (and more languages). I've only seen one episode, so I can't vouch for it, but it is easy to access! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1973692/


This is the show that got me interested in learning Danish!


Rita is also available on Netflix UK and Ireland, and Hjordis, which I think is a spin off.

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If you're in the US you can watch Borgen (with English subtitles) online for free here for two weeks after they are broadcast: https://www.linktv.org/series/borgen However you probably want to wait until they start the series over from the beginning. They have shown the entire series multiple times now and probably will continue to repeat it.

Also for US residents, MHz Networks http://www.mhznetworks.org shows European mysteries and crime drama, including some Danish ones (with English subtitles). The shows are broadcast at 9PM EST/ 6PM PST and repeated at 12PM EST/ 9PM PST daily. Many cable TV and satellite providers carry this non-commercial channel but you might not know you get it and this list is incomplete. http://www.mhznetworks.org/mhz-worldview/carriage. Seattle residents it is Channel 334 on Comcast.

All programs are streamed live online at the time they air on TV. Some programs (the ones they have the rights for this) may be watched online anytime for up to 1 week after they air, here: http://www.mhznetworks.org/programs/full-episodes.

I have seen the Eagle, the Spider, Unit One (Rejseholdet) in Danish here and I expect they'll show them again. Also there are programs in Swedish, Norwegian, German, French, Italian...

Finally they sell DVDS of some series in US format http://shop.mhznetworks.org


There are many good danish comedy series. I have watched: Klovn, Drengene fra Angora, Huset på Christianshavn and Rockerne and they are all very funny! Klovn and huset på christianshavn are sitcoms and the 2 others are satire.


Matador is the classic of classics! One of the best series I've ever seen!


In the UK Channel4 has a couple on the Walter Presents section of their website. As of June 2016 they just have Heartless (a steamy supernatural Vampire series), but Dicte (a crime drama based on Elsebeth Egholm’s nevels) is coming soon.


Coming in much later here: There are a lot of newer drama box set series to be found on All4, available in the UK. Especially in the section "Walter Presents".

On there is the TV series "Ride Upon The Storm" which is widely recognised as superb drama! I have recently enjoyed Greyzone, Dicte, Aquitted, Nordskov and The Lawyer. Many others have combined scandi languages including Icelandic. It's fun to try and work out who is speaking what in those; they are often too complex for that to be easy because the characters sometimes misunderstand each other. And they speak and mix up several of the languages between them. If you want a challenge, turn off the subtitles!

There are two things that will almost certainly be found in a Danish film or series: lots of smoking and naked bodies! And lit candles. And Danish flags. OK, four things :)

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