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Bilingual course trouble

Hi everyone, why are not all courses you study shown in your profile?

Background: After I introduced a friend of mine to Doulingo yesterday, he looked at different language courses and we noticed a small problem. Being from Germany, we're both fluent in german and competent in english, so we are able to take part in courses of both languages.

When he switched from one language to another, his profile only showed the courses of the particular starting language he selected, not all the courses he took.

Not a big problem, I know, but it would be nice to see all your courses at first glance.

September 14, 2014



Unfortunately that is the way that DL has designed the software. There are a number of other students who have pointed this out as well so maybe DL will modify the software at some date, although i suspect it may be too big a task to take a high priority but you never know.


Yep, I've seen other people report this and so have I. :/ It's a shame that dealing with polyglot users isn't a priority, DL being a place to learn languages!


Thank you guys, wasn't aware this was asked before, sorry.


Don't worry, I think it's important to keep reporting this!

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