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Unsupported languages for mobile (glitch for iPhone)

I found a glitch on the app if you have a iPhone. (iOS 8.1 preferably with latest version of duolingo (4.1.2))

1)make sure the language you are learning is the unsupported language that you are learning (so change it on a computer).

2) close the duolingo app if you have it open. (all the way closed, if you have iOS 7/8, double-click the home button and swipe the duolingo app up)

3) Turn your phone on airplane mode

4) Reopen the duolingo app.

5) If you did it right, the "unsupported language" screen won't come up.

6) Without closing the duolingo app, turn off airplane mode.

Note: if you lock your phone or do anything that would cause the app to reload, the "unsupported language" screen will come up and you will have to repeat the process.

September 14, 2014



Er, isn't this just a copy of a post I saw last week?


I previously created a post called "Dutch for mobile", but now you can access it without the glitch. You still need it for Danish and Irish though. So I just deleted the old post and made this one.


Oh. So that was you. I get it now. Thanks for the tips.


You mean this one, perhaps? :)


So I'm not the only one who knows about this; neat! I was going to post it to Troubleshooting, but here works, too, I guess.

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