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  5. Where's my streak? :(


Where's my streak? :(

I don't know why my streak is at 0 when I've been active in the last 4 days and today. Please help!

September 14, 2014



Hi PedroTecia,

Here is a link to the Wiki's entry on how Streaks work http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Streak. It also has a link to Streak Freeze to talk about how that works. Hopefully, this will help in the future :)


Thanks, I did read that wiki article before creating a discussion here on Sunday.

Here's my activity on those days :

Dutch: W 41 XP, Th 24 XP, F 11 XP.

German: F 48 XP, Sa 26 XP, Su 11 XP.

Nevertheless, on Saturday, if I remember correctly I had a 3 day streak instead of a 4 day streak. And then on Sunday I had a 0, even after having made 11 XP.

Now I didn't do anything on Monday, so I just hope next streak will be accounted for correctly.


Thank you for clarifying! My mod console doesn't have the tools to help replace streaks. But, hopefully staff will be able to help diagnose and fix any problems your account might be having. :)


You have to earn at least 1 xp in order to maintain your streak. Non xp earning activities don't help.


This happens to me sometimes.... In order to get a streak you must complete at least 1 lesson in whatever topic you are learning. If this is not the case, then I don't know what is wrong.

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