"De er ikke mine rigtige forældre."

Translation:They are not my real parents.

September 14, 2014

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Apparently Duo is going through some awkward teen years...


Losing more hearts to accidental typos than to actual mistakes xD


Am I crazy, or am I hearing a "p" sound in "foraeldre"?


to me ear sounds a lot like fore EL pah


Are you hearing it when it says "dre"? It may be the combination of the d sound coupled with the back-of-the-throat r; that's the only part that sounds kind of like a 'p'.


Yes! I'm hearing "foraeldpah"


I think it might be a mix of an odd sound combination and the program generating the speech. I've noticed it's has some trouble with the r's occasionally, typically erring on the side of making them too quiet or soft, which in this case is mimicking a "p" sound. I don't know if it is something really fixable :( I think we might just have to practice getting an ear for the throaty r.


Well normally there isn't a /p/ in forældre, since its pronunciation in IPA is [fʌˈεlˀdʁʌ].


it is correct to say they are not my true parents..Duolingo!


It's correct but not common.


Why not " They are not my real parents " ? I got it wrong...


Must've been a typo, I got it right this way


A more accurate English translation would be "they are not my actual (in the sense of right) parents" . No English speaker would ever say they are not my real parents. It is much too awkward, insensitive and crude.


To me it sounds like for ald da when you break it into three syllables and you add the first accent to the middle soluble and the second accent to the last syllable giving you a double d sound took off me to wrap my tongue around it but I'm getting there.


Everyone has commented on the pronunciation of forældre, or in one case rigtig, but am I the only one who cannot hear the word "er"? I have listened to it a hundred times and the first three words still sound like two syllables: deiga.

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