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Changing the Primary Language on the App

My primary language on the app is set to Hindi I guess because I live in India. However my English is much better than my Hindi and I want the app to be in English so I can learn German. Does any one know how to change the language on the app?

September 14, 2014



It's the same exact problem I reported a few months ago via e-mail: no answer. I find it somewhat frustrating to see my app language forcefully set to match my system language, no matter what course for whatever reason I have actually chosen (english-spanish, spanish-french)..

For instance, I would really enjoy to keep practicing my Spanish while doing a Spanish-French tree (thus practicing - YAY! - 2 languages at once! =), and it would rather help me to experience a little bit more of Spanish if I had my app interface set to Spanish as well. It could be much more sensible than the only/default option we currently have. And that's what they actually do in the web version!


I would like to do French-Spanish as well. Now I have to translate the Spanish to French in my head and then into English for the program. Spanish and French are much more similar.


I visited Japan last summer and my Duolingo decided that I was a Japanese speaker learning English, even though I had set my Duolingo to be an English speaker learning Spanish!! I have sent in a help request three times and never have heard anything back. I set up a new account on my computer, but even removing and reinstalling it on my iPad, it resets to Japanese, which is VERY frustrating since that was the main place that I used Duolingo.


Hi there! Same problem as for me. I'd really like to change the app language to german instead of my Android System language english.

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