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Um hello, not that long ago i was introduced to Duolingo and immediately fell in love with it, especially when i understood there was a Danish course.

I want to congratulate the Danish contributors for the amazingly well done work and suggest them a little something that i thought was missing - more Danish to English translating.

I know that both EN to DK and DK to EN are equally important, but i feel like i don't get enough translating from Danish to English.It is much harder for me to construct sentences than translate them.While i can almost instantly tell what a said sentence means in Danish, i still find it hard to do so from English.

PS - I've only completed my skill tree as far as Clothing and Obj.Pronouns go, so i might be wrong and there could be more DK to EN practising in the upcoming checkpoints.On another note - excuse my English.

September 14, 2014

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This is unfortunately not something we can change, since it depends on the general Duolingo algorithms. I can bring it to our mentor, but I know for sure that we, as contributors, do not have a slider that we adjust the percentages.

September 14, 2014
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