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pronouncing leabhar?

What is the correct pronunciation of leabhar?

I hear "low-ar" on the vocal but if the bh is broad should it not sound different?

I'm willing to admit I might not be hearing this correctly so looking for clarification.

September 14, 2014



Look here. As for which one to trust, use either Bríd (who speaks Connacht Irish, the most spoken dialect) or Lughaidh (who is using Ulster Irish).


Thank you for the reminder .. I had seen that link before but forgotten about it.


Interesting to hear them each. Very slight variations but all basically saying low-er, lau-er, l'or and even y'or .


Indeed. But remember not to trust all of them. I know for a fact that Bríd is a native speaker, and I'm assuming Lughaidh is either native or near-native given his location and his presence on a plethora of Irish learning sites.


I think the w/v pronunciation of bh tends to vary with dialect. I also thought w is generally the broad sound for it =/

(though I still don't understand why ea = o here).

Maybe you should wait for a Native to clear it up...so nvm.


Jillianimal is right. "W" is the is for the broad sound (a,o,u).


I have a link that says the W is for slender and the V is for broad .. is my link incorrect? http://mike.eire.ca/2008/12/31/gaelige/


Yeah, they got that line of the table mixed up. That author has also misspelled Gaeilge!


Thank you for clarifying that, I'll fix it on my table (and send you a lingot for editing). Did you happen to notice if the rest of the table is correct?


I think the rest is right. I actually find tables like this a bit confusing because I'm so used to not thinking about rules for pronunciation! Also, tables like this are useful but I wouldn't be too surprised if these rules didn't apply in all cases.


Well .. after listening to the vocals from the link galaxyrocker posted above .. no one says anything the way that table suggests they will, LOL! I pity the poor Irish who hear me fumble through their language.


It really varies based on the dialect. Munster Irish, for example, uses "v" for everything.


This is link to a site that has it pronounced by native speakers using all three common accents (Ulster, Connacht, Munster): https://www.teanglann.ie/en/fuaim/leabhar


Do not confuse "accent" and "dialect". Many of the pronunciation variations between the dialects have nothing to do with "accent".

teanglann. ie provides pronunciations that are typical of each of the 3 main dialects. The accents of the various speakers are not relevant, only their dialects.

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