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Do You Want To Learn Latin?

Hello, fellow Duolingoers! Today I have come to announce I am making a Latin course on Memrise called Complete Duolingo Vocabulary-Latin that is based off the French tree. So far, I've made about 18 of the skills, and I started yesterday. So I am halfway through, pretty much. Stay tuned for when I announce the course is ready :) And, please, when it comes out, please do notify me if there are any mistakes. It is just like a course on here being in Beta! It will probably be out by tomorrow, and if not that possibly Tuesday. It might even come out today if I work SUPER hard on it. Thanks, and stay tuned for when it comes out! - ReidHT

Update: It is out as of Sunday, September 14th, 2014! It was started September 13th, 2014.


September 14, 2014



Cheers! Can you share a link?


It;s currently not public, or at least I don't think it is, but here: http://www.memrise.com/course/390143/complete-duolingo-vocabulary-latin/


Vir sum. Malum consumo. Also, you can create multimedia lessons for grammar explanations and remember that Latin also has cases so include that too. And conjugations for tu, vos, nos can be helpful as well.


It would be better as Vir sum. Malum consumo. You don't need the ego. The word order still trips me up from time to time. Vale!


I'll take note of that. Thanks!


Awesome! I have an extensive Latin knowledge now, but learning more and more is the key. From what I've heard, the most similar language to Latin would be Sardinian.


Actually Sardian is the most arcbaic of the vulgar latin dialects. Italian is quite similar to latin due to revitalization attemps in the 19th up to 20th century


Catalan is very similar, I've heard.


romanian, ive heard


From the Romanian I know, which is very little, it probably isn;t the closest (also comparing distance differences between all of them).


Thought this was interesting so did some research and this: Romanian has similarities to latin that other romance languages have dropped (cases system). Italian is most similar in vocabulary, and Sardinian is most phonologically similar. There was a man named Mario Pei who studied the deviation of Romance languages from Latin. He found Sardinian had the least ammount of deviation at 8%. http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lingue_romanze


Spanish is close to Latin in verb conjugation.


I have been a proud latin speaker for 2 years now. It's an amazing language.


Cool! You could help me with bug-fixing and errors in the course and such :)


Is there a word for twerking in Latin?


Tuerco, Tuercere, Tuercui, Tuercatum


Really? Wow. Just, wow.


This is a great beginner's course - coungratulations (have ten lingots)! I don't know if you the time or interest in expanding it, but if you wanted to I would suggest looking at Baris_Obdan's "Hacking Turkish" course on Memrise. His course does a really good job of gradually introducing you to Turkish suffixes through gradually more complicated example sentences - you could do something similar to demonstrate how cases work in Latin. Another thing I think works is he'll have a lesson with 40 new words, then the next lesson will use each of those words in a short sentence. Anyway, that's a lot of work, so thank you for doing what you've already done!


Thank you! Its out in 'beta' so I hope I'll have time to explain the grammar a bit.


Woo-hoo! Thanks for making this! I've been learning Latin for 7 years, but hopefully I'll be able to learn some more vocabulary so that I'm not only talking about victorious armies and evil kings. :)


Thank you! I've actually created a skill called Roman World which gives you some building vocabulary about, well, the Roman world!


Oh! Thanks, person who gave me a lingot!


I've done about two years of Latin! My vocabulary is not extensive, but I either know or can look up most of the grammar, so I could help if you like. You could also try adding a sections for each module with sentences, based on those in the French tree.


Awesome! Are you artygirl?


Definitely going to start learning it. Have 10 lingots!


Thank you so much!


This is awesome! Thanks!


Its out in beta, by the way.


I'll definitely try this, maybe next week.


My plan- Gaeilge first, Latin second follewed hopefully by old English, Greek and Hebrew- just conquering one ancient civilisation after another!

I love forward to the Latin course and thanks but for this memrise one

For anyone interested here is another Latin discussion https://www.duolingo.com/comment/4524448


Thank you for that! I can't wait for Latin to come to Duolingo.


Good luck! I'm not doing Latin yet, but I will!


Is Duolingo making a Latin course?


Please be sure that your Latin course allows the flexible word order that is a feature of Latin. The following are all valid ways to say "I love you." If your course marks any of them as wrong, then the course is not teaching Latin accurately.

  • Ego amo te.
  • Ego te amo.
  • Amo ego te.
  • Amo te ego.
  • Te ego amo.
  • Te amo ego.
  • Te amo.
  • Amo te.


Is memrise supposed to give audio of the word (puer, pomum, canis, et, etc)? Doesn't for me in either firefox or chrome. But YES, I would want a actual English -> Latin course on here. From the tiny bit I've done (and copying into excel) I can certainly see basis/root words of some Spanish, French, Italian.


Only 3 words I know of have audio. I could record specific ones, but it's a lot of work. So, as far as I know, the course will stay with no audio.


I tested it and I liked it even if it is repetitive at least nouns and concepts get into and stay into your mind like that. Thank you


You're welcome! I did have to do some repetition of the words to fit the skills.


Thanks for this. I study latin at University with other languages and this will be sufficient for me.


You're welcome!


French and Spanish are connected to Latin because they come from Latin. Right? Romance languages? I dunno.

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