"Jogar é como qualquer outra dependência."

Translation:Playing is like any other dependency.

June 3, 2013

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The best translation is clearly "Gambling is like any other dependency"


I'd prefer "addiction" (and it's accepted)

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    I think the literal translation should be considered wrong.

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      YES!!! I was wracking my brain for "addiction" - had to write dependence because it was among the options, but it does not have the right meaning...Thanks !


      in Portuguese it sounds odd to say dependência in this context. We usually would say "vício" (addiction) instead.


      When we say "dependência" in Brazil, we are saying that it's a serious addiction, really like a drug dependence in English.

      Vício can be used for drugs too, but it is lighter and can be used for anything, even little habits.


      So, not "vices," yhen?


      James, you really love languages. Which ones are your favorites?


      We don't say "dependence" in this case. Surely "addiction" is the option.


      'Playing is like...' . As a music addict that was my first thought. Or video games.


      .....ummm do I speak English?! This section is making me feel like I just don´t understand my own language... lol who says this sort of stuff? Is it British or what?


      Certainly isn't a common British saying either


      Maybe they mean "Duolingo roulette" (where you type a perfectly logical answer and then hit the OK button to see whether it's accepted or not).


      I have a question for native speakers...

      Is this sentence about gambling? If you heard it, would you assume it was? Would you phrase it using ‘jogar’ yourself?

      Or is this just one of those weird Duo sentences and is it just as much disparaging The Settlers of Catan and Mario Kart?


      In this case, "jogar" is a bit vague..you can "jogar futebol" (play soccer) or any other sports, "jogar em cassinos" (gambling), "jogar videogames" (play videogames) and so on.


      Yes. It can be any kind of "game". Including gambling.

      Gambling is really one of the first meanings that come up. But another one very common that suits this sentence is "playing video games", for instance.


      One of the options for jogar is gaming; so the phrase 'Gaming is like any other addiction' makes sense to me.


      My first thought was "sports", then I started wondering about children at play which doesn't seem like an addiction until I thought about computer games. Playing cards then came to mind for "jogar". When someone mentioned gambling I thought that was even more apt. Does the Portuguese use of "jogar"? I see that playing cards or the horses uses "jogar". I see where "apostar" is used for betting and gambling.


      Yes, i would frase jogar as gambling.


      That's one good reason English distinguishes between "playing" (jogar em geral), and "gaming" (jogar no casino).


      Well and Paul I don´t even perceive gaming as just casino gaming, it could also be World of Warcraft or those video game games that people sell their usernames for money on and stuff...


      I agree with you, but maybe there was a typo in Paul's post? He must have meant "gambling". Gaming is normally used specifically for the act of playing games (usually video games).


      no, that meaning of "gaming" is modern and very recent, Paul's use of "gaming" is correct and established, as in the "National Indian Gaming Commission"


      Languages change. So far as i can tell, using "gaming" was intentionally used to dispell the negative implications of the term ”gambling." Didn't really stick, except with people doing the promoting, and people writing the laws. They're gaming tables, and gaming establishments, but the people going to use them know that they are gamblers, and that what they are doing is gambling.


      As mattttw points out, "gaming" is somewhat a term of art in the casino industry. Most of the regulatory bodies use "gaming" in the name, rather than "gambling". It makes it sound safer.


      (I´m a native English speaker, the 9 is from my translation tier)


      You us or uk or elsewhere? I'd use ”gaming” almost entirely for interactive video games, and "gambling" for ”games of chance” (casino, bar counter, online, state lottery). And "games" mostly for anything from checkers to Monopoly to Scrabble to angry birds to tetris.


      help me, why not this: Play is as any other dependency. Thanks.


      Quando um verbo funciona como sujeito (conjugando outro verbo), você precisa acrescentar "ing" nele. "like" tem o sentido de "como se fosse":

      Playing is like... > Jogar é como se fosse...

      Veja: - I work as a teacher > trabalho como professor (sou professor) - I work like a teacher > trabalho como se fosse um professor (mas não sou)


      So the correct would be to say "I work LIKE a slave (Eu trabalho como uma escrava)" instead "AS"?


      They are both sentences that make sense in English, but if you work LIKE a slave, you are not a slave, but just work in the same way a slave does. If you work AS a slave, your job is being a slave.

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