Why are the langages separated when the "teaching" langage is not the same ?

Hello everyone, i am French. I joined Duolingo a few days a go, and until now it looks great !

Although, there is one little detail bothering me : i mostly want to practice my german here, so i started the german course from the english langage. Then, i wanted to try english, spanish, italian and see how good i was in french :p To sum up, i have 4 languages from english, and 1 from french (english), but these 5 langages are not together in my profile ! I cannot switch quickly from an english-based lesson to a french-based one, and this is the same on my profile. Depending of which course i am taking, my friend won't see the same.

This was probably mentionned before, and maybe i missed something, but could you try to unify everything please ?

Thanks, and keep on doing this amazing job !

June 3, 2013

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I would like to add something to this, because I think it is very odd to separate the teaching languages as well:

I actually am English, but I would love to learn German through French, because then I could be practising both at once. I know enough of both languages that I wouldn't be lost in the woods. I know this sounds barmy, but duolingo is always correcting my English, because of the subtle differences between the way I speak, and standard US English.

It's hard to remember any better examples because I have gradually got used to it, but I don't find it unnatural to translate Madchen as Maiden for example, even if the word does sound a bit quaint in Modern English, it can still be heard in use's words like these that show the connection between English and German, and there are many more like it still used dialectically, if you look past the sterile benchmark of 'The Queens English'.

So because I choose to completely ignore standard English, US and UK alike, it is actually very tedious for me to have my English challenged at the same time as my German; I don't need the crutch anyway, and since it is always nitpicking me, I would rather it nitpick my French to be honest!

So my question to add is, once users are able to add languages, does this mean potentially being able to learn any language through any other language? Even if not, what is the point of dividing the source languages anyway?

June 3, 2013
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