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  5. "Det er vores ost."

"Det er vores ost."

Translation:It is our cheese.

September 14, 2014



Why not >This is our cheese?


"This/that" is actually correct if you put emphasis on "det" but that is normaly written as "dét". But if you don't specifically wan't to distinquish it from other cheeses near by you would understand it as "it"


This! Why not This?


Because "this is our cheese" would translate into "Den her er vores ost".

"Det er vores ost" translates into either "It's our cheese" or "That's our cheese"

If someone asked you what was laying on the floor in English, you wouldn't say "this is my shoe", as though you were introducing your friend to it. You'd just say "It's my shoe" (Det er min sko). Same holds true in Danish.


Same question here!


I heard "De er vores ost" and thought it was saying "They are our cheese!" Is the t at the end of det generally silent or is it pronounced very slightly?


"De" has more of a 'dee' (like deodorant in english) sound, while "det" is more /flat/, like 'death' or 'day' (it's hard to find a good example for his one).


why is it det and not den?


"It is" always = "det er". It doesn't conjugate to a noun. E.g.: "it is a man" = "det er en mand" and "it is a child" = "det er et barn". If you say "that noun" then you conjugate it. E.g.: "that man is blonde" = "den mand er blond" and "that child is young" = "det barn er ungt"


Danish is likew Norweigan and Swedish put together! I love it!


It is because the three make out a language continuum and as such you could clame they are all just dialects of the same language. There is a saying "A language is a dialect with a navy and an army"

PS: As a Dane I really don't wan't to imply that Norweegian is the same language as Danish though... Because we kind of did something bad...


Still having a hard time hearing the difference between 'de har' and 'det er'

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