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"Het kanaal leidt naar het park."

Translation:The canal leads to the park.

September 15, 2014



Isn't it a "gracht"? Everywhere you look there's a gracht in Amsterdam. :)


You might not be surprised to hear that Dutch has many words for "canal".

  • Kanaal: used for transport by ship or barge between two bodies of water. Usually large.
  • Gracht: city canals, used both for transportation and water management. Typically has trees and row houses on either side.
  • Sloot: small canals in the countryside, used for irrigation and water management.


Thanks for the explanation, Simius! I was only half serious with my question, but this is indeed useful information.


And there are even more canals:

  • Vaart: kanaal, I don't know if there really is a difference
  • Slotgracht: moat (lit. castle gracht)
  • Singel: similar to a gracht, but usually surrounded by an earth wall instead of stone walls/streets/houses, e.g. the singel of Breda


From now on I gonna calculate how many time DUO lets us practice English spelling skill rather than Dutch
English sentence practiced: 4
Dutch sentence practiced: 0


This is happening, not just in the Dutch courses, but in others too. I think it has to do with the new update. In some courses (like Irish and Welsh), there aren't even microphone exercises where you have to speak the Irish/Welsh sentence given to you

The Dutch moderators cannot address this

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