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  5. "Hører du mig?"

"Hører du mig?"

Translation:Do you hear me?

September 15, 2014



I'm in California dreaming about who we used to be


Would a Danish person say this in the same way as 'are you listening to me'?


I agree with Graeskmoent. I can only see using "Hører du mig?" if I was perhaps in an argument with someone and things got heated. "You are wrong! Do you hear me? Completely wrong!".

Where if I'm on the phone and the connection is bad, I'd say "Kan du høre mig?" (Can you hear me?)


Im gonna give a lingot for every dane i find giving advice. Super useful!


Since can you hear me was accepted as a translation I would say that's what this means. Thing is most languages don't say "can" in such a situation, e.g. italian "mi senti?" french "tu m'entends?" spanish "me oyes?" = can you hear me but lit. do you hear me?


Not exactly. We would probably say "lytter du til mig?".

At høre = to hear

At lytte = to listen


Sir, yes, sir!


Can i say "hører du ved mig" or you ommit ved because of "mig". And then should i say "hører du ved barnet". Or maybe høre doesn't need ved at all


You cannot say hører du ved mig at all. That implies that you are sitting next to me listening to something. If you want to say do you hear me its "hører du mig?" Or "kan du høre mig?" If you want to ask if they are listening it is "lytter du til mig?" Or "hører du efter?"


"can you hear me" is a better translation, I think


I am just loving how all the verbs sound like Dutch, German and English. The 3 languages I'm most familiar with.


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