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An advice for exporting vocabulary list

I know we can reach the whole vocabulary list in the Vocabulary section, but for some reason, it doesn't show every word immediately, that means you have to keep scrolling straight to the end, and when the vocabulary gets bigger and bigger, it becomes less intuitive. I have an idea: Just make it possible to export the entire vocabulary list (in alphabet order or just by skills) to Apps like Evernote or save it as .html/.txt/.doc files or maybe simply set a button to let us print it? It would be nice to have a well-organized vocabulary list for revision. :)

June 3, 2013



Thanks for the suggestion! The vocab list can get quite long depending on how many words you've learned. Exporting vocab is something we'll think about.


If you make it exportable please, please, please have it include the articles for nouns.


Agreed. This would be really great, especially for those who use Anki to memorize words.


I think it's a great idea! Sometimes it takes a while to load the entire vocabulary page.


Some news here to export vocabulary?


Wow! i did not realise "words" was actually 'vocabulary' (tonto!). I seem to remember that MS Words will sort alphabetically rows for you according to the first letter of a new paragraph (line) - so if you can use it all you need to do is to keep adding words to your list then later apply the 'sort' Actually using Excel would be a breeze to do it. I would think working with DL the whole list would not be a good idea, but the lesson list would be ok or any relevant selection to what one learns. Else an ordinary dictionary or Google translate will do an easier job.


I don't know about others but I found more useful to go through the list and pick the words I don't know or don't remember. copy and paste them in some text editors (wordpad) with the translation,S (if possible with enough space before the translation column to be able to reveal only either column. (Restore the window down then slide the page to the left or right of the screen to see only the original or translation column.) Starting at the bottom of the list will reverse to the first learned lesson and scanning through the list to find those words works for me. I usually find only few words that I need to practice on, and obviously some won't be needed for ever as I remember them well enough.


Hi, on this topic, is there a way yet to export the words from the Words menu? I'm especially keen to keep track of the verbs i have been learning. When I click on the 'More Details' for the verb in the Words table, then I can see the indicative and infinitives which are so helpful. To be able to get this exported would be really helpful for me to make sure I am getting the verb endings correct etc.

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