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Posting on others' feeds truncates text without warning

I posted a message to another user's feed, and only the first 500 characters appeared on the posting. It's not clear whether the user will be able to see the whole text or not (there's no "more" button). Furthermore, there was no warning when posting.

I was able to post a reply to this post and fill in the remaining text, but it would be nice to have an "[xxx characters remaining]" warning as you're typing once you get past 350 or something (cf. StackOverflow/StackExchange comment boxes), or to at least warn the user that text will be truncated.

September 15, 2014



It doesn't seem a consistent 500 words to cutoff for me. Somedays I can type well over 500 words, and sometimes a basic assistive contact gets cut off. So, my best advice is to make it a habit to copy everything before sending. And if someone isn't very good at that, type it out in an email or document first and paste it over. It's been like this for as long as I can recall. I agree, it would be nice to know how close I'm getting to the cut off point. :)


I am pretty sure it is 500 characters including spaces on the first comment you post.


Mine might be broken then. I have posted entire novels to people, twice the size of my comment above and it posted no problem. And I have posted Something smaller than my comment above and it was truncated. There is no consistency to mine. =/


As Lenkvist says, it is only the initial post that is truncated. You can write an entire novel in a subsequent comment.


Same here. Sometimes a post just 3 or 4 lines long gets cut off. But I wonder if it has something to do with what text is showing in the typing field? And anything beyond that vanishing.


I think it's 500 characters, not words. I copied the portion of my message that showed up into vim and the status bar showed 500 exactly, so I assumed this was the cutoff, but I could be wrong. Obviously I haven't seen their source or anything.


Agree. I have found this unexpected message truncating issue to be very frustrating.

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