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  5. "Tá sé sin go deas."

" sin go deas."

Translation:That is nice.

September 15, 2014



Love the sound of this sentence


Is there a reason for the "go" here? Could the sentence have been written without it?


No, it couldn't have. It's one of the nouns that requires use of go in situations like this.

From Gramadach na Gaeilge:

> Some subjective adjectives of assessment take the adverbial partigle go when used with the verb bí (they're kind of seen as "adverbs of the verb bí")

Others include: maith, álainn, dona, aoibhinn, breá, olc, and iontach.


What a wonderful site. Thank you. Doesn't this mean that the previous sentence I had (Tá an buachaill mór deas) was wrong, though? If not, is it because an buachaill mor also has an attributive adjective in play?


Yeah. I would say go deas on that one.


Is deas é sin is another way to say "That is nice", emphasizing the niceness.

The go in go deas is sometimes dropped (more so in Ulster Irish, I think). For instance you will hear tá sé deas bualadh leat as well as tá sé go deas bualadh leat.


Whenever I see this one I have to say it in Mrs. Brown's voice.


Could someone explain the 'sin'? Tá sé go deas seems enough to me, is that wrong?


Tá sé go deas - "It is nice"
Tá sé sin go deas - "That is nice"

The sin turns "it" into "that".


That is lovely, - was my answer but ruled out. Is it totally out of the question ?


"lovely" usually requires a stronger adjective, like álainn or aoibhinn. It wouldn't be totally out of the question to translation tá sé sin go deas as "that is lovely", but then how would you translate tá sé sin go hálainn?


@Knocksedan. Tuigim agus Glacaim. What about " gorgeous" for go hálainn or would that be "fíorálainn".

Good to see your dropping in now and again and keeping an eye on things.


go hálainn - lovely or beautiful. I think getting ruled out for saying lovely is a bit harsh - But that's because I said it too


Why is "he is nice" wrong?


Because of sin.

Tá sé go deas - "It/He is nice"
Tá sé sin go deas - "That is nice"


"Go does not appear with the copula." & "Go is omitted in the presence of additional adverbs". (http://nualeargais.ie/gnag/adjekt4.htm)


deas = nice ADJECTIVE 1st DECLENSION (gsm. ~,  gsf. & comp. deise,  npl.~a).

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